CAFCL strives to be a leader the education of our stakeholders and communities.

Our belief is that education creates more inclusive and resilient communities. We are passionate about sharing our expertise with others

1School Education:
Hearing first hand from those experiencing developmental disability and Brain injury makes this training impactful, and real! We provide two main training opportunities within school systems and the greater community (upon request can be adapted).

Body Image Training:
Kelsey Winterhalt allows children a glimpse into her life, through sharing her story of living with Cerebral Palsy. Children learn about acceptance of their bodies and unique abilities. It gives them an opportunity to engage and develop a relationship with someone who lives with a disability. This works to create awareness about disabilities and highlights how we can be more understanding of our unique abilities. They are able to stay connected to Kelsey following this through her Blog. Targeted for Grade 4-6 level.

2Sexuality and Life Education:
Individuals and families can access training on a variety of topics related to healthy sexuality, relationships, and safety. These are offered in group settings, or one-on-one upon request.
3Behavioral Supports, Mandt & Emotional Regulation:
We have many highly educated trainers in positive behavioural supports, as well as a very active Behavioural Supports Committee. Thorough training opportunities are available to families, individuals receiving services and the greater community to cope with challenging behaviours. We value a positive, relationship- based, individualized approach to the management of behaviours. We meet people where they are, come and observe if needed, and help them to create positive approaches to improve the overall environment. We also have online training opportunities in the area of behavioral supports.