Volunteer with CAFCL

Looking for a rewarding experience?

Over the years, volunteers have played a key role in the founding and development of our organization, as supporters, helping to coordinate special events (in particular our annual charity event that involves tasks such as setting up supplies, decorating for the event, helping with on-site activities at the time of the event and clean up), assisting in community inclusion activities with the individuals experiencing disabilities, sharing their talents and passions in a group or in a one on one setting, babysitting children while their mothers attend classes in the same building, summer camp support and performing administrative duties. The goal is that the duties of your particular assignment are fulfilling and that your volunteer experience with us is rewarding and positive.

  • “CAFCL is not only an organization with an important vision and mission of inclusion but they are also an organization with a positive culture, focused on community and fun! I always enjoy volunteering my time for CAFCL.”

    Kristy Smith, Board President

  • "I volunteer with CAFCL because the Association positively impacts the lives of so many individuals and families within our communities. Volunteering with the Association gives me an opportunity to connect with the community, create new relationships and spread awareness of this amazing Association."

    Clark Mackay, Treasurer

  • I volunteer for CAFCL because I truly enjoy helping people. When I volunteer, I’m able to contribute to a cause I care deeply about, all while being surrounded by an amazing community of clients, staff and other volunteers! My time is always appreciated and never goes unrecognized! Volunteering for CAFCL makes my heart happy!!

    Janelle Evenson