Jobs4Youth is an innovative program designed to support youth ages 15 - 30 who face significant barriers to employment by helping them find and maintain meaningful employment in a customized manner. The Jobs4Youth Coordinator will work with participants and their families as well as local businesses to prepare each youth for successful employment that is focused on his or her strengths, as well as the employers’ needs and potential benefits to their business.

Who Is Eligible For Jobs4Youth?
• 15-30 years of age and faces significant barriers to gaining employment
• Attending school
• Acts safely towards others in the community
• Has access to transportation (to and from work)

Jobs4Youth Services Include:
• The discovery process (focused on skills and abilities of job seeker)
• Creation of a traditional and visual resume
• Job searching and job development
• 1-1, non time limited, on site job supports to help the job seeker work towards workplace independence
• Wage subsidy for employers
• Ongoing communication with job seeker, family and employer

How A Young Person Becomes Involved With Jobs4Youth
• Eligible teens can self-register (parents will be notified), be referred by a teacher or health care professional or have parents contact CAFCL
• Contact the Jobs4Youth Coordinator by phone or e-mail to arrange a meeting date.

If you have a question about the program that is not answered here, please contact our program coordinator phone: 780-672-0257 or email family support.

CAFCL office is open to the public. When you visit you will be asked to follow a screening process, wear a mask and adhere to Alberta Health Services recommendations. We also have a secure mailbox located outside the front door. If you want you can call ahead and speak to reception and they can meet you outside the front door if that works better for you!