Our Board Structure

We have adopted elements from the Carver Model of Board Governance. This means that the Board focuses on setting long-term outcomes (results), and the CEO is responsible for achieving the desired results. The Board does not deal with the day to day operations of CAFCL.

• 9-10 meetings a year; usually the 4th Monday of the month
• Some years we have a 1 full day Board development/ planning meeting
• Board members may be called upon to represent CAFCL in the community or to partake in special events, and an ad hoc committee
• Board members are expected to support fund development activities / initiatives (e.g. our charity auction)
• Board Members are provided with a thorough orientation prior to assuming their position

The Board of Directors of CAFCL performs a vital role in the continuing success of the Camrose Association for Community Living. It is responsible for:
• Defining CAFCL’s reason for existence (i.e. setting CAFCL’s overall direction)
• Providing accountability and linkage to the community (i.e. representing/ being ambassadors for CAFCL with community and stakeholders)
• Defining how the Board will organize itself to get its work done (i.e. Board meeting structure, individual responsibilities, involvement with the community)
• Defining the limits on the Chief Executive Officer’s authority and action (i.e. the CEO is responsible for CAFCL’s daily operations and is directly responsible & accountable to the Board)
• Advocating on behalf of CAFCL and our clients to bring about needed change
• Taking part in fundraising activities as necessary

Back Row: Aaron Leckie (2nd Vice President), Bart Orr (Director), Keith Lyseng (Past President), Bruce Pound (Director), Andrea Taeger (Director) Front Row: Anna Harder (Treasurer), Kristy Smith (1st Vice President), Robin Good (CEO & Secretary), Michelle Colombijn (Director), Andrea Campbell (President)

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Every gift you give to the Camrose Association for Community Living helps transform the life of an individual; helping the people we serve to develop skills, build quality of life and become fully accepted, participating community members.

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