CAFCL Board of Directors

Our Board Structure

We have adopted elements from the Carver Model of Board Governance. This means that the Board focuses on setting long-term outcomes (results), and the CEO is responsible for achieving the desired results. The Board does not deal with the day-to-day operations of CAFCL.

Kristy Smith


Bart Orr

1st Vice President

Jonathan Sims

2nd Vice President

Clark MacKay


Robin Good


Mardell Olson


Wanita Toews


Lindsay Aicken


Shaunet Petiot


Lucas Banack


Chelsea Price



• 9-10 meetings a year; usually the 4th Wednesday of the month
• Some years we have a 1 full day Board development/ planning meeting
• Board members may be called upon to represent CAFCL in the community or to partake in special events, and an ad hoc committee
• Board members are expected to support fund development activities & initiatives (e.g. our charity auction)
• Board Members are provided with a thorough orientation prior to assuming their position


• Defining CAFCL’s reason for existence (i.e. setting CAFCL’s overall direction)
• Providing accountability and linkage to the community (i.e. representing/ being ambassadors for CAFCL with community and stakeholders)
• Defining how the Board will organize itself to get its work done (i.e. Board meeting structure, individual responsibilities and involvement with the community)
• Defining the limits on the Chief Executive Officer’s authority and action
• Advocating on behalf of CAFCL and our clients to bring about needed change
• Taking part in fundraising activities as necessary

  • “I have enjoyed working at CAFCL for the past 20 years, It's great to see the individuals grow, and accomplish goals. I have learned alot from them and the people I work with.”

    Michelle Anderson

  • “What I love most about working for CAFCL is the connections I have built with the individuals we support and my coworkers. I have always wanted to make a positive impact in people's lives and in this line of work, I'm able to do that!”

    Christa Wark

  • “CAFCL is not only an organization with an important vision and mission of inclusion but they are also an organization with a positive culture, focused on community and fun! I always enjoy volunteering my time for CAFCL.”

    Kristy Smith, Board President

  • It is an honour to serve on a board for an organization that is doing such valuable work in our community and beyond. As a member of SingAble (a partnership between CAFCL and Augustana), I have had the privilege of experiencing how fulfilling life can be when every person is accepted and is a participating community member.

    Mardell Olson Director

  • "Jobs4Youth is a valuable resource to the Camrose & Area Animal Shelter. The partnership is Win/Win. The Shelter is provided with a willing helper at a reduced cost and the employee benefits from a real job situation. They can learn the rules, getting a step up to a brighter future. We will continue to use this service for as long as it's available."

    Camrose Animal Shelter Board of Directors

  • “I have seen this family support program change the trajectory of families. It is a true blessing to be part of a program that works with complex family needs and can take the time to truly connect and support families through what is often a very scary and unpredictable time in their life. Supporting families to navigate through their personal story and accomplish their goals feels like victory."

    Denise Robbins, Family Support Coordinator

  • "I volunteer with CAFCL because the Association positively impacts the lives of so many individuals and families within our communities. Volunteering with the Association gives me an opportunity to connect with the community, create new relationships and spread awareness of this amazing Association."

    Clark Mackay, Treasurer

  • I volunteer for CAFCL because I truly enjoy helping people. When I volunteer, I’m able to contribute to a cause I care deeply about, all while being surrounded by an amazing community of clients, staff and other volunteers! My time is always appreciated and never goes unrecognized! Volunteering for CAFCL makes my heart happy!!

    Janelle Evenson

  • “You know that quote from Confucuis: " Choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life.", well fortunately for me, I've really only had to work 2 or 3 weeks over the last 10 years. CAFCL and Healthy Families has given me the opportunity to continue to grow personally and professionally. I feel supported and valued, and I am fortunate that I've been able to share that empowerment with the many women and children I have had the joy of working with.”

    Michelle Mazurenko

  • "I love working for CAFCL because I get to work alongside incredible staff while supporting some amazing individuals. Those I have worked with have taught me so much about living life to the fullest with no limits, and they are truly inspiring. The individuals really do make work a fun place you want to be and I always feel appreciated in this organization."

    Taryn Eleniak